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Parcel Map of Graton Trust Land - Click Here

Looking Toward Santa Rosa
Casino Site/Trust Land Shown in Green

The Federated Indians of Graton Rancheria plans to build its casino on a 254acre site that is bordered by Rohnert Park Expressway to the South, Stony Point Road to the West, Wilfred Avenue to the North and straddles both sides of Labath Avenue to the East. The casino itself and the acreage east of Labath Avenue that is slated for a multi-story parking structure and a "treatment plant"  (Sewage?  Water?) that will front Business Park Drive.   The casino footprint, the multi-story parking garage and the "treatment plant" are all inside Rohnert Park's Urban Growth Boundary, while the 170+ acres of the original site shares a common border with Rohnert Park City Limits. This portion is designated as a Community Separator in the Sonoma County General Plan, but if taken into trust, the General Plan will not apply.  There is a small parcel of land that is actually within the Rohnert Park City Limits.  If placed into trust, that Rohnert Park City Land will become Indian Country.

Note the residential areas surrounding the casino site. Rancho Verde Mobile Home Park, home to dozens of families with small children, is separated from the site by a board fence.

Looking West Over Rohnert Park Toward Site
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Looking North

The channel that runs through the site's western end is the headwaters of the Laguna de Santa Rosa, the largest complex of freshwater wetlands on the North Coast. The large, irregularly-shaped area of brownish vegetation next to the channel is an enormous vernal pool, home to breeding Tiger Salamanders and toads.  This acreage is one of the last large areas of vernal wetlands in Sonoma County.  The tribe plans to spray huge amounts of treated wastewater onto this land every day, which will not only threaten groundwater supplies, but will severely impact the amphibian population, which is extremely sensitive to pollutants.

Looking NorthWest Over Rohnert Park

BELOW:  InSAR Satellite mapping of Rohnert Park land susidence "consistent with groundwater extraction".  For more information on this issue, Click on the picture to be taken to the O.W.L. Foundation web site for more information on the Rohnert Park crisis, and click here for more information on InSAR mapping of land subsidence. 

InSAR Mapping of Rohnert Park Land Subsidence
Areas in red sinking at rate of 1/2 inch/year

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